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Feature Articles

feature 1 Lorna's FLINT and GILCHRIST families When WILLIAM FLINT married ANN WALTON in Liverpool, England on September 30, 1784, he likely didn't dream that he would have descendants 5 generations later who would know his name. We don't know very much about William and Ann, but we know that the family they started would move to other countries including Ireland, Canada, Australia and the United States.

feature 2 Dennis' LAUGHTON and THOMSON families Scotland was the home of the THOMSON family until CLARENCE SHERRIFF THOMSON and his brothers moved to Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada around 1909-1911. See his ancestor chart and his ancestor book here. In Toronto in 1914, he married AGNES WYPER SNEDDON who was also a recent emigrant from Scotland. See her ancestor chart and her ancestor book here.

feature 3 Lorna's TRUMPOUR family The TRUMPOUR family gets it's own category because it has been the family with the most research done and is linked to Lorna's childhood at Meadowbrook Farm in Hillier Township, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

feature 4 QUINTE area of ONTARIO The QUINTE area of Ontario Canada includes the counties of FRONTENAC, HASTINGS, LENNOX and ADDINGTON, NORTHUMBERLAND (particularly Murray Township), and PRINCE EDWARD. The settlement of this area started in 1784 first along Lake Ontario and moving inland as the land was surveyed.

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